Friday, December 10, 2010

Take Care of Your eHow Articles

Writing on eHow is in the past, but your articles live on. Make the most of them. You can still track your earnings and views, and promote your articles. You are missing out on money if your articles are lying there, languishing due to your lack of effort. If you will take just a few minutes a day to promote your work, you could see your eHow earnings increase.

  1. Mention and link to your eHow articles in your blog posts. (Read Blogging Your eHow Articles)
  2. Join ListMyFive.com This is a newer site, similar to what eHow was. Write lists based on your eHow articles and include links to the article.
  3. Comment on blogs and include a link to one of your related articles, if permitted.
  4. Answer questions on Yahoo!Answers, include a link to a related eHow article. 
Start tracking your earnings so you know which articles are doing well and which ones need more help. Click here for more ideas on how to promote your eHow articles.

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