Thursday, November 12, 2009

The eHow Experiment: Update 11/11/2009

I am earning approximately $4 per 1,000 views. In order to earn $1,000 per month at this rate or return, I would need to have 250,000 views per month. My current average is about 425 views per day, or 12,750 views per month. I have a ways to go. However, page views are not the only deciding factor. Keywords play an important role. Even though I am averaging 425 views a day, which is barely more than I was getting a month ago, my average daily earnings have significantly increased, going from an average of $1.02 per day to $1.69 per day as of today, for the month of November. What is the increase in daily earnings due to? I believe a number of things.

First, I am taking the time to market my articles. I post on Buzz, Stumble Upon, Delicious and submit my URLs to the search engines. Posting those back links is crucial.

I have spent numerous hours in the eHow community, reading and rating articles, and building my network. Even though most eHowers don’t make a lot of money off views from other members, the comments help to increase page rankings. (if they are made with SEO friendly wording).

I have written a number of new articles: 41 new articles between 10/16 and 11/11/2009. Many of these articles, which I have done SEO research on, are beginning to earn.

I have also continued to market older articles on Twitter and by posting links in newer articles. Some of my ‘dormant’ articles are getting views again, and earning a little bit as well.

I took a few days and resubmitted my old articles to the search engines. Page rank is a competition among web publishers. Just because you are high on the list one day, doesn’t mean you won’t get bumped was down in the results the next. Stay on top of your Internet marketing, and don’t forget to take care of your eHow babies.

My conclusion is that earnings will increase with more articles and marketing. Don’t take the poke and hope method, in other words don’t guess with your keyword selection. Even if you are writing articles about topics that interest you, do your best to pull down the best keywords. Use them in your title, in the first paragraph and throughout the article, with a saturation of about 3% keywords.

My next phase is to blog every single article in my library, as well as post Xombytes about my articles on Xomba, and hubs on HubPages. I am hoping this will increase my page views and earnings significantly.

Check back soon for my next update on the eHow experiment.

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