Wednesday, August 5, 2009

eHow Updage August 5, 2009

As of yesterday, August 4,2009, my eHow earning were a measly $3.58. Today, August 5, $4.44. My goal for the month of August is no less than $1,000.00. I know. Seems like a lot, especially when you consider my past performance.

Well, let me tell you what has changed. Husband lost his job. Which means I need to seriously get serious about my writing. I have a plan, which I began implementing August 3rd. First, I plan to write at least three eHow articles a day, plus do all of the promotional stuff that goes along with it. I said at least three articles each day. I need to write more. Today I've written four, and I am not done.

Second, I have to promote every article I write. That means submitting to search engines, social bookmarking, linking to other articles and vice versa, and networking. Today, I have written four articles, which have been bookmarked for backlinks, submitted to, and backlinked on my blogs:,, and this blog,

Third, my plan is to publish articles in series. In other words, to write a series of related articles. Today, on eHow, I published the following articles, each related to one another in some way. They are:

How to Live Healthy in a Toxic World
How to Buy the Safest Non-Organic Produce
How to Join an Organic Food Co-op
How to Wash and Prepare Fruits and Vegetables to Remove Pesticide Residue

If you haven't figured it out yet, the links you just read above are backlinks to my articles. Backlinks are key to building page ranking, views and earnings. So, anywhere you can post them, do it.

Fourth, I am trying to introduce the eHow community to the concept of posting anchored backlinks for their favorite authors. The eHow community is all about support, but honestly, just reading, rating, commenting and recommending doesn't really build all that much traffic. If groups of eHow friends would post backlinks for one another, our views would skyrocket. It takes a few moments to post just a few backlinks with keywords. It is one way we can all help each other. Today I began posting backlinks for some of my most faithful friends who keep coming back to my articles. (If I haven't gotten to you yet, I will.) I was dropping a PM into their inbox letting them know what I had done and asking them, if they had time, to do the same for me. Then it occurred to me, why not let them know in the comment I post that I had done this. Then maybe more eHowers would get the message, and we could all start drawing more traffic to our articles.

That is what I am doing to build my online writing income today. So far, four articles. Hopefully will have time to publish more.

Tomorrow, I'll be talking about how I am coming up with ideas for publishing articles in a series. I am using a really cool tool Google just put out in May called the Wonder Wheel. The Google Wonder Wheel takes the guess work out of finding related searches. Check back tomorrow to find out how to use it.

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