Friday, December 4, 2009

New Opportunities for Online Writers at Triond

Triond has implemented some changes that make it easier for you to make more money writing online. In the past, I had recommended Triond to you as an outlet for your writing. That was some time ago, and I admit I haven't spoken much of it in the last few months. The reason was that I was not seeing an acceptable return for my money. With their new policies, earnings are increasing. You can now integrate your Google Adsense account into your articles published through Triond, and you can also earn from referrals. And, you still earn money through page views as well.

Since these changes have gone into effect, I have seen a significant increase in my articles earnings. On Triond, you are able to submit creative writing, opinion, poetry, news stories; and use Triond as a blog. Actually, you can submit just about anything you want. Triond reviews your work, and if it is accepted publishes it on one of many websites.

Blogging on Triond has its benefits. There is nothing sadder than a lonely blog with no views. On Triond, however, you have the benefit of a very large, supportive community that will take the time to read your work. Of course, as with any other writing site, reciprocation is expected. If you want to be successful, you have to participate. You still will need to promote your articles through other means such as backlinks, social media and search engine submission. That means that SEO counts on Triond as well.

For my friends at eHow, this is an opportunity for you to expand your horizons, and break out of the how-to format. If you haven't already, take a look at Triond. And, if you checked it out in the past, give it another try. Click here to join me on Triond.