Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make Money Writing on These Sites

As promised, here are a few writing sites for you to get started on.

HubPages. This site is set up a little differently than most writing sites. Here, you need to have a Google Adsense account, and affiliate accounts with both Amazon and eBay. Once you sign up, do not make the same mistake I did and try to the eBay affiliate on your own. Go to Ebay Partner Network Signup, and follow the directions exactly. Trust me, this was not easy to find on their site. I'm just trying to save you the headache I went through. Here, you will need a Paypal account. Triond allows you to submit articles for publication. Occasionally, they will ask you to revise an article, and at times will decline an article for various reasons. They want original, quality content. eHow allows writers to post content written in a how to format. Again, original content is required. They will delete articles from your account that have been found on other sites, so don't try it.

These are the three that I write on most often. Get signed up, and then come back here for more information.

Good luck and happy writing!