Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Craziest Things Can Inspire a Great Article

Sometimes when I am sitting at the computer working on my daily writing and related activities, something will happen that inspires me. This morning, it was one of my three dogs. Since they were lying behind my chair, I can't pinpoint the culprit who let one go. Now, you wouldn't think that dog farts would be much of a topic to write about. However, since it is becoming a serious problem in my home, I decided to do a little research. What I found out is that their flatulence may be caused by the food I give them. With the weather turning colder, they will be spending more time in the house. I just can't face another winter of waking up in the middle of the night to the stench. I cannot be the only dog owner in the world that deals with this problem. "How to Stop Dog Farts" may seem like a crazy thing to write about, but it actually offers some decent advice about how to stop the stench coming from your dog's rear end.

The craziest things can spark an idea that turns into a great article. This is part of what makes writing fun. A good writer will listen to the muse, and act on it. Let your thoughts wander, let your mind go where it will and see what comes out of it.

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