Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Language of Italian Cuisine

The Language of Italian Cuisine

Amo la cucina italiana. I love Italian food.

Italian. The language of romance. The food, equally sensual. Does it need to be said that if one is going to practice the art of cooking Italian cuisine, that one should learn la lingua della cucina italiana, the language of Italian Cooking. Read more...

eHow Experiment: Saturday November 14, 2009-11-14

Link. Link. Link. That is the name of the game if you want to get views. The more links, the higher the search engines will rank your pages. And, my friends, that equals more views and more money.

Today, the buzz is about Yahoo! Buzz. This is a free service provided by Yahoo that is definitely worth taking a look at. Some of you may be familiar with it, so please bear with me. You might even learn something new.

On your eHow article pages there is a share button. When you mouse over or click on the share button your will see a box with a number of options. Click on Buzz to go to the Yahoo! Buzz site, and the share a story page. If you are signed into Yahoo!, you will be allowed to buzz up the article that you were on. If you don’t have a Yahoo! account, you can sign up for free. A Buzz is a link with the title and first few words of your article that will appear on the Buzz activity page.

Posting the link to your article is not all Buzz is good for. You can share updates on Buzz from your blogger account, every time you use Stumble Upon and every time you tweet on Twitter. There are actually a number of sites that you can set up in your automatic updates. What is cool is that this service allows you to automatically create links for just about everything you do online. To get this set up, go to your Yahoo! profile page, click on “Updates”, and then on “Share More” to enter your sites.

For example, you’ve published an article on eHow. As soon as it is published, you Buzz it up. Then you bookmark your article on Stumble Upon. That bookmark shows up on your Buzz activity. Then, you post a summary with a link to your article on your Blogger blog. That also gets a link on your Buzz activity. Next, you bookmark and Buzz your blog, and all of those actions get posted on your Buzz activity. The possibilities are endless. Want to keep going? Go to Xomba and write a Xomblurb about your article (don’t forget the link), and buzz it up. Then write a longer Xombyte and do the same thing. I think you are getting the picture. You can use Buzz to promote all of your articles, blogs and websites, get everything linked together, and generate more traffic to your pages. Yahoo! Buzz makes it simple.

One last thing, you can blog on your Yahoo! account. Click here to check out mine. You will find the post button on the right side of the page on your profile. Just another way to promote yourself.

eHow Experiment Week One

eHow Experiment Update November 11, 2009

Promoting Your Articles-Xomba

eHow Experiment Update November 14, 2009

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