Sunday, October 25, 2009

The eHow Experiment: Week One

The eHow Experiment is a project I've begun to find the best ways to make money on eHow. Hopefully, this experiment will result in effective ways for all of us to increase our earnings. Here is the first week's journal:

Week 1: My plan was to write several articles per day; however, I had some problems with the eHow publishing wizard. These problems were apparently on my end, and were related to an outdated version of Firefox, and the need to clear cookies and my cache. Once these problems were cleared up, I was able to start publishing again.

During this time, I continued with my standard marketing methods which include bookmarking and submitting to search engines. For newer articles, I also began blogging my articles. I resubmitted a number of previously published articles to, and bookmarked several that I had overlooked when they were originally published.

In the first eight days, my average daily earnings increased from $1.02 the previous month (September) to $1.68, a considerable percentage, but still not enough money to call my experiment a success.

Of course, I am marketing with legitimate methods. I am not increasing my earnings by clicking on my own ads (a big eHow no-no) or encouraging any of my visitors to click on ads. I am in no way padding my earnings with questionable methods.

As far as my new content, I am striving to write useful, informative articles on topics that have not been written to death already. This requires some research, but hopefully it will pay off in the end. Too soon to tell at this point.

eHow Experiment Update November 11, 2009

Promoting Your Articles-Xomba

eHow Experiment Update November 14, 2009

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